The George Washington University Center for Equity and Excellence in Education (GW-CEEE) ELL Accommodations Toolkit is designed for state education agency (SEA) staff, researchers, test publishers, and other educators interested in the assessment of English language learners (ELLs). The accommodations featured in the ELL Accommodations Tools are taken from 2006-2007 state assessment policies and are common accommodations allowed by states to support the assessment of ELLs in reading/language arts and mathematics.

To begin accessing resources in the toolkit, select from either the tabs or options below:

  1. SEA Guide and Studies
    SEA Guide and Studies offers background on the LEP Partnership project which led to the creation of an SEA Guide for Refining State Assessment Policies for Accommodating ELLs. The Guide offers SEAs a resource that can be used to improve state assessment policies. As a foundation for the Guide, GW-CEEE conducted two supporting research studies which can be downloaded from here. You can also find the 2010 report, Examination of Peer Review and Title I Monitoring Feedback Regarding the Inclusion and Accommodation of English Language Learners in State Content Assessment and July 13, 2010 NCELA Webinar link.
  2. ELL Accommodation Tools
    • Compare Accommodations by Category lists ELL-responsive and non-ELL-responsive accommodations. ELL-responsive accommodations are further categorized according to the direct or indirect linguistic support provided, English or native language support provided, and written and/or oral support provided. The user also can determine which states allow individual accommodations for mathematics and reading/language arts assessments.
    • Compare Accommodations by State Policies shows the accommodations allowed to ELLs by the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The user can select a single state or compare the accommodations in multiple state assessment policies by ELL-responsive and non-ELL-responsive categories.
    • Generate a Bibliography of Research Articles allows the user to locate research articles on individual ELL accommodations or categories of ELL accommodations.